Discover for yourself the collections of sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds, tables, coffee tables, sideboards, bookcases, lamps and accessories.

Nothing can change the atmosphere of a room like light. Designing light means defining the atmosphere of a room, making it warm and inviting or dramatic.
For our range of lamps, we look at great designs, we play with shapes, with ideas, with irony, we look for inspiration in the unusual, making it a special characteristic to be admired.
Where there is no sunlight, we must create life from light, and light from life.

Coffee tables
Tables are not only compliments, we design them to highlight the style of any setting. Classic or modern tables, linear or flowing; unique shapes combined with a variety of materials such as glass, metal, wood and marble, are created to surprise and satisfy any requirement in the living area.

If it’s true that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, why should the bed be less important than the sofa?
Our line of beds is designed to be part of the things that make what we do special. For this reason, the structure or mechanisms already fixed on some sofas are offered in the same range of beds. What you get is a relaxing night out with timeless style.

High back, low back, with or without armrests, soft, hard, curved … a chair is not just a chair.
We work to ensure that our chairs meet your needs and match the style of each space, while preserving what makes our products unique.

Work, leisure, daily life. The sofa has evolved from a simple living room piece of furniture to something more important in everyday life. This is self-affirmation. This is where design finds home and vocation.
In our collection, design is closely intertwined with comfort in every creation. We exclusively manufacture sofas that stand the test of time, each characterized by our relentless pursuit of excellence, our know-how.

We moved away from the trivial, monotonous and familiar propositions, turning to our designers for exclusive designs that reflect our attention to detail. Armchairs with a design that captures, fits any space, but above all design with purpose and functionality. Allow yourself to be blinded.

Dining with friends or for fun, the dining table is always synonymous with sharing.
Each table features a combination of design and engineering combined with skillful balance to create unique tables. Materials are selected and combined to enhance the characteristics of each product. Bold and light, luxurious and minimal, each characterized by a subtle touch of style.

The term itself indicates that their role is to complete the room, but in GreenWood’s vision, compliments should be specific to every living room.
We view these objects as requirements, not accessories. That’s why our compliment line gets attention. Geometry, shapes and materials combine to form products with designs that dominate or complement the room.